My name is Dario Rossi, I was born on 1980 (starting to get old yes) in Grosseto, Italy. Currently I live in London, Uk.

In this city, my main occupation is working as a software developer. I've been working as a freelance, then for Net-a-Porter.com, the Times and now I work for Expedia Inc. Throughout my career I've been working with many technologies and lately I focus on Java for big data and real time, high volume applications. My skillset is quite broad and it includes not being shy on frontend, some ops work on AWS, scripting using python, some data science and machine learning.

Apart from that, I am a big lover of travels, that I share with some friends or sometimes I even go on my own. Just in the last two years I’ve been in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany, Holland, Bali, Cuba, Nepal, Spain and more to come on the list. You can really guess that I am very keen on Asia in general, because of culture, food and history.

Recently, my passion for travel has spun off interest in photography, that I always have had actually, but thanks to the fact that now I have a stable job, I can afford to buy some gear (without getting crazy about it though).

Feel free to get in contact by following the links below!


Many ask, quite confused, why would my personal website be on the domain www.friedchickenbox.com, that is more suitable for a fried chicken shop comparison website. Well, I'm very keen on that food and on a boring winter Sunday of 2012 I decided to buy the domain. After that, I put my personal page there temporarly. Which became forever.

I thought many times of changing it to a more professional dariorossi.com (don't even know if it is available), but in the end my website keeps being on here. In the end, I got used to it and it is perhaps a nice remainder of not taking myself too seriously ever.